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Quality assurance

Precision and process safety are the two key factors which deliver optimal quality.

You can count on our products, as we use only high-quality, carefully produced ceramic components to meet the stringent requirements you place on them.
We can guarantee adherence to the specified factory standards because we define detailed test values and keep the protocols of all the tests we have conducted. Within its quality management initiative, ceratec checks and documents all relevant dimensions, using calibrated measuring tools.

Our latest 3-D coordinate measuring machine made by the world's leading company in this field - Zeiss - makes use of the most modern scanning technology to provide 20 times more accurate production and progress control than specified by our customers' current requirements.
The measurements can be carried out on all components produced or on samples, in accordance with the customer's wishes. Another important component of ceratec's in-house quality management system is that particularly complex product series are tested during production, thus allowing us to detect potential deviations during the manufacturing process itself.

ceratec stands for quality assurance throughout the entire process.


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