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Are you looking for the perfect combination? With its special material properties and versatile applications heavy duty ceramics is the answer to many questions. ceratec is most at home in the tooling of technical ceramics.   With the ultra pure materials used by us, aluminium oxide, zirconia, silicone nitride and aluminium nitride we produce quality high-grade ceramic precision parts with excellent properties. In ceramic tooling we take on all tasks from the planning and development for the ceramic die casting process and ceramic production through to the grinding department.Our modern machinery ensures that we are able to apply the ideas that have been developed and achieve the highest quality for you. In association with  manufacturers renowned for CNC-precision grinding machines and CNC-processing centres we undertake small series and large-scale production,  custom-made products, prototypes and contract work - entirely according to your requirements. You need not make any concessions with regard to geometry. Our long-term proven production methods such as surface, profile and contour grinding from 2D-contours and 3D-shapes enable us to produce various forms of ceramic components for all areas of application in a quick, flexible and cost-efficient way.   Dimensional tolerances vary in the lowest µ-range – with us you can  be sure of precision down to the last detail.


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