Schweisstechnik: Technische Keramik, Aluminiumoxid, Zirkonoxid, Siliziumnitrid, Keramikbearbeitung, Präzisionsteile, Wellen

Welding Engineering

Technical ceramic material  is used as positioning aid in welding processes

Technical ceramic material can be used in a multitude of applications. Heavy duty ceramic material  is also exceptionally useful in welding engineering processes. An example of this is, for instance, the zirconia components used as weld centering pins. Due to its toughness and optimal wear zirconia is perfectly suitable for use as a positioning or centering aid in the welding processes.  

In automated production processes ceramic positioning aids have been made indispensable for a long time. Weld centering pins enable the precise centering and positioning of bolts, nuts and plates for the welding process. Another clear advantage is the great cost-effectiveness of ceramic components. Toughness and minimal wear of our positioning aids along with the bare minimum reworking required on your components and the readjustment of your machinery reduces costs and noticeably increases lifetime and process reliability.We grind all positioning aids precisely according to your plans for all welding tools.

Our production process enables the production of different complex geometries. Our flexible and rapid production allows us to offer you the option of the just-in-time-delivery of your positioning aids.

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