Laser- und Halbleitertechnik: Technische Keramik, Aluminiumoxid, Zirkonoxid, Siliziumnitrid, Keramikbearbeitung, Präzisionsteile, Wellen

Laser and semiconductor technology

Ceramics in complex geometries for complex demands

In laser technology, the semiconductor industry and plant engineering ceramic components with special properties are needed. The highest wear resistance and a high level of heat conductivity, particularly in aluminium nitride, as well as a greater breakdown resistance are important requirements in this technoligical sector.

By replacing quartz with aluminium oxide the  mechanical resistance of the ceramic material is almost doubled. If you have special requirements in terms of geometry and precision for your ceramic components, then ceratec is the right partner for you. Already the most complex geometries present no problems for us. Already in the development stage we are happy to advise you on "designs suitable for ceramics".

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