Maschinen- und Vorrichtungsbau: Technische Keramik, Aluminiumoxid, Zirkonoxid, Siliziumnitrid, Keramikbearbeitung, Präzisionsteile, Wellen

Engineering and jig-making

Ceramic - a complex material for a multitude of applications

Technical ceramic material also lends itself to engineering and jig-making due to its robustness as a material and its wide spectrum of uses.
For instance ceramics with zirconia are ideal here.

Plus points of zirconia:

  • High toughness level
  • Hardness
  • Excellent wear behaviour
  • Flexural resistance and tensile strength
  • Chemical resistance

With these properties zirconia is perfectly suitable as parts of bearing components, screws and drawing tools. In order to achieve the highest level of corrosion resistance, minimal heat expansion and optimal temperature resistance, ceratec processes silicon nitride which offers the further advantage of a reduced specific weight.

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