Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik: Technische Keramik, Aluminiumoxid, Zirkonoxid, Siliziumnitrid, Keramikbearbeitung, Präzisionsteile, Wellen


Ceramic material for sensitive requirements.

Great care and precision in the manufacturing process are essential. This applies all the more where the bottom line depends on the quality of a component. In aerospace the bottom line is sometimes a matter of human survival. In this sensitive area heavy duty ceramic material which is produced and grinded with the utmost care by ceratec is unlikely to be replaced. Many years of experience and testing of different procedures have made us pros in the all-important areas:

  • We select only the highest quality raw materials for the production of technical ceramic components.
  • Quartz parts are replaced by aluminium oxide in the material - unlike in porcelain. In aluminium oxide ceramic the mechanical resistance is almost doubled.
  • We know the crucial criteria for ceramic tooling and keep precisely to these.
  • The most up-to-date testing technology and our extensive quality management guarantee reliable use of our ceramic components


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