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Heavy-duty ceramic material has many attributes. Heavy duty ceramic material is almost unbeatable with regard to hardness, flexural resistance and impact resistance. As a result, this material offers you an unparalleled process stability. All this is extremely good value and available in almost  every conceivable form thanks to our options involving the surface, profile and contour grinding properties of 2D-contours and 3D-shapes.

Come and see for yourself - we take pleasure in taking on your tasks in the field of ceramic tooling!


  • Circular and non-circular grinding (outside and inside) Grinding with centre height 180mm up to 600mm in length
  • Thread grinding
  • Boreholes with diameters from 0.8mm
  • 2D-contours and 3D-shapes on CNC processing centre up to 600 x 400mm
  • Surface, profile and contour grinding up to 800 x 400mm


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